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Another word for love

Another word for love

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30 Slang Words We Love from 2022

According to, Another word for surprised or upset. If you enjoy using creative words for your emotions, you’ll love these 11 words that capture feelings you didn’t even know you had. Secret social media …

From source: experiencing love, heartbreak, sex, setbacks, personal growth and success in Los Angeles. Generation Q is set over ten years after The L Word, in the new…


According to the source from, An intense attraction or profound likeability A person who is loved, especially in a romantic or amorous relationship … more Noun Denoting a strong feeling of emotional attachment affection adoration devotion like attachment friendship intimacy respect amity amour appreciation emotion feeling fondness idolatry inclination involvement passion

Sharing a hint from, Synonyms for love that can imply varying levels of intensity or intimacy include fondness, affection, devotion, and adoration. Love is also used as a noun in the sense of a person you love or have loved romantically, as in She was my first love or It’s a story of two loves reunited.

If you read from, Synonyms for love adore, delight (in), dig, enjoy, fancy, get off (on), groove (on), like, rejoice (in), relish, revel (in), savor (also savour) love appreciate revere venerate dote (on) cotton (to) favor indulge (in) luxuriate (in), Phrases Synonymous with love be partial to, get a kick out of (or get a charge out of), go for,

It is inferred from, adore To love greatly or honor highly; idolize 190 33 adoration Great love, devotion, and respect 186 62 amor Passionate and tender devotion 171 47 desire (Countable) Someone or something wished for. 139 33 tenderness Concern for the feelings or welfare of others 130 47 attachment

A post published in, love affair n. # favor , affair sweet n. , adj. # juliet , honey adoration n. # favor , respect jazz n. , v. # enthusiasm infatuation n. # favor , adoration warmth n. # affection , zeal care n. , v. # feeling , warmth treasure n. , v. # respect , adore bonk v. # pleasure , sex hump v. # pleasure , sex sweetie n. # honey , romantic loved one n. , v.

It is learnt from a blog, Noun Plural for denoting a strong feeling of emotional attachment affections adorations devotions likes attachments friendships intimacies respects amities amours appreciations emotions feelings fondnesses idolatries inclinations involvements passions regards relishes tastes tendernesses adulations allegiances ardours ardors cases cherishings

It is understood from sites like, Love synonyms What is another word for Love? beloved darling, person dear beloved, person affection liking, feeling fondness liking, feeling passion feeling, desire attachment liking, feeling sweetheart beloved, person devotion adoration, liking honey beloved, person adore admire, behaviour darling beloved, person sweet

Source:, English has a few different words for different kinds of love, including fondness, affection, and infatuation (though one could argue that not all of these are actually types of love). But when it comes to the word “love” itself, this one word can express all of these concepts and more. Consider the following English sentences:

I had gone through, What is another word for love to? Verb To enjoy or like something appreciate enjoy like love dig embrace fancy favor US favour UK adore relish savor US savour UK rate take an interest in take to thoroughly enjoy take satisfaction in delight in derive pleasure from revel in take joy in like to want to wish to take pleasure in cherish


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