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Is quil a scrabble word

Is quil a scrabble word

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The Mayfly – Siegfried’s Little Yellow Quill

According to, The days of spring and summer flowed along, wet and chilly lambing season gave way to warm and dry days of planting and harvest, and less work for Albie. Late summer heat baked the Dales, crisping the pastures and fields to golden brown and turning the swaths of gorse rusty red before Siegfried was finally allowed to wobble out of bed. Doctor Bedard warned him to take it slowly and forced a cane on him. Everyone in Skeldale House hovered around him like a cloud of gnats. It was irritating. Unnecessary. Embarrassing to be viewed as an invalid. Siegfried accepted the damned cane. He’d used one before, after all, more than once and as a much younger man. In those days, however, his youth and fitness had him bouncing back from his battle injuries. This felt different. This felt like the beginning of the end. When the apple tree had split during a violent summer storm, workers cut it into bits and hauled it off. Watching it go, Siegfried realized he was no longer a young man or even middle-aged, really. He was running out of time. So, Siegfried stumped around the house, frowning and feeling far older than his forty-four years. He snapped at Albie, who looked younger and more prosperous by the day. He barked at Tristan, who was in the green springtime of his wastrel’s life. He watched Mrs Hall as she bustled about, dealing with all her daily duties, and he missed her. He wished for one more morning shave with her gentle, sure touch against his skin, but he was well enough to deal with shaving. So, there was no excuse. Siegfried’s only consolation came when Albie was called out to some emergency. Siegfried treasured those nights and did everything he could to make them special. Their first such evening, he broke out his best whisky and presented two tumblers as Mrs Hall arranged the Scrabble pieces. Her eyebrows arched, as he placed the whisky before her with a wry smile, and she asked, “Is this an occasion, Mr Farnon?” “It’s our first quiet moment alone since I’ve been allowed out of my bedroom, my dear,” he replied, gazing at her intently, watching for the slightest sign that she understood the deeper meaning behind his words. Mrs Hall gave a half-smile and said, “If you think whisky will dull my ability to spell, Mr Farnon, you’ve wasted your best liquor!” At that, Siegfried’s hopes fell and he settled into simply playing the damned game, his urge to flirt dashed. Eighteen days later, they had another private evening. Tristan was dating a local barmaid and Albie had one of his mysterious nights out. Siegfried suspected the man had found a willing bedmate among the local lads, but tried not to dwell on the possibility. Albie had a right to live as he chose, despite the possible consequences with law enforcement and the opinions of the local populace. More pressing in Siegfried’s mind, was how to make the evening at home with Mrs Hall special. After much consideration, he chose music. Recalling the popular Fred Astaire platters she’d played during their first tantalizing night of touching, Siegfried hobbled out to the bookseller’s shoppe and purchased several new releases. When the cards were dealt, he said, “I feel like some music. Do you mind, Mrs Hall?” “As you like,” she said with a smile. “It won’t change the hand you’re dealt, Mr Farnon.” Siegfried eagerly placed the first platter on the Victrola and was appalled by the jazzy, high tempo musical number that blared forth. He tried the flip side, but it was worse. He tried two more of his new purchases and it got no better. “Don’t you like Fred Astaire?” Mrs Hall asked innocently as he turned off the machine, slammed the top down and slumped into his chair, scowling. “He’s changed his tunes,” Siegfried growled, “and I’ve wasted two pounds on music I’ll never enjoy.” They played hearts and Mrs Hall beat Siegfried soundly three hands out of four. The last hand was only a draw because Albie and Tris came home, practically together, and Mrs Hall forfeited in order to make them tea. It was another full month before Siegfried had a chance to recapture the closeness he’d enjoyed during his recovery. This time, he decided on the direct approach. As the others left for their rendezvous, Siegfried approached Mrs Hall, his heart racing and his palms damp from nerves. She was in the living room reading when he limped up and stood silently watching her. She looked up and said, “Is there something I can do for you, Mr Farnon?” Siegfried looked at her upturned face, swallowed his pride and said, “I miss you, Mrs Hall. I miss you desperately and I wonder. Do you miss me?” Her eyebrows arched and she pursed her lips before she replied, “I’m right here. I’m always right here unless I’m shopping or at church.” Siegfried blushed, shook his head and said, “I phrased that badly. Far too vague, but it’s hard to say it straight out. The night we sat in the kitchen until dawn, I miss that. The evening of the Silver Jubilee, I miss that, desperately. The time we spent together, quietly, just being alone with you.” Audrey stared at him and then stood. She touched his forehead, as if checking for fever, but then traced her hand down along his face to his jaw and pulled him close, murmuring, “I miss you, Siegfried. I miss you every moment you are out of my sight.” Siegfried took a step back, gazed into her eyes and then leaned toward her and kissed Audrey’s blushing cheek. “Thank you, my dear,” he said. “Now, tell me. What on earth shall we do about it, Audrey Hall?” Audrey shook her head. “I can never divorce, Siegfried.” “You’re afraid of him, aren’t you!” Siegfried growled. “I thought so. You need never fear. As long as I live, I promise to keep you safe.” Audrey paled and hissed, “Don’t even think it. You know nothing about my marriage. Yes, John Hall is brutal and dangerous. I left him to keep my Edward safe, but that man is also my boy’s father. As long as my Edward loves that man, I will be his wife because I must do everything in my power to be a good and decent mother to my son.” Siegfried took a step back, nodded and said, “Then we shall be friends, Audrey Hall. But understand this, you can always look to me for help, as a very good friend.” Then his eyes dropped and he said, “I apologize if I was presumptuous, Mrs Hall. I am a bit tired. I think I’ll turn in early,” before he hobbled out of the living room and up the stairs. Audrey stood, watching him go, wishing she could have explained, wishing she didn’t know what Siegfried Farnon could suffer if John Hall ever believed she might seek her freedom.

Harry Potter and the Worm of Ambridge, Part 3

According to, He remembered Snape’s words in The Bull … he had some way of letting her know what was happening, but he had no quill or parchment. Opening the door, he tiptoed from the bathroom and moved …


According to the source from, No, quil is not in the scrabble dictionary …but would be worth 13 points. find more words you can make below + feedback Sponsored quil Know an interesting fact about the word quil? Let us know 1. A simplified spelling of quill. + improve definition Sponsored Find More Words! Wildcard (?) letters appear in RED Sponsored

Sharing a hint from, word with quil, contains quil, Quil definition, definition for Quil, definition of quil, Anagrams of quil

If you read from, quill – Dictionary Checker – Scrabble Word Finder Scrabble Dictionary Check words in Scrabble Dictionary and make sure it’s an official scrabble word. Yes Valid in these dictionaries TWL/NWL (Scrabble US / Canada / Thailand) SOWPODS/CSW (Scrabble UK / International) ENABLE (Words with Friends) Meaning of quill

It is inferred from, Best Answer Copy ‘Quil’ is not a word but ‘quill’ is any of the following: (information from the Free Online Dictionary) 1. The hollow stemlike main shaft of a feather. Also called calamus. 2. Any…

A post published in, Yes, quill is in the scrabble dictionary …and is worth 17 points. find more words you can make below + feedback Sponsored quill Know an interesting fact about the word quill? Let us know noun 1. A hollow shaft that rotates on a solid shaft when gears are engaged. 2. A spindle or bobbin around which yarn is wound in weaving. 3.

It is learnt from a blog, 9 letter words containing quil. a quil egia. quil lwork. quil lback. in quil ine. quil lwort. quil lings. s quil geed. quil tings.

It is understood from sites like, QUILL is a valid scrabble word The word is a valid scrabble word 3 short excerpts of quill n. The lower shaft of a feather, specifically the region lacking barbs. quill n. A pen made from a feather. quill n. (figuratively) Any pen. 14 valid words from 3 definitions

Source:, words that start with quil, words starting with quil, words that begin with quil, words beginning with quil. Words that start with quil | Words starting with quil … Found 48 words that start with quil. Check our Scrabble Word Finder, Wordle solver, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, …

I had gone through, Click to see full answer Also, is Quil a word? No, quil is not in the scrabble dictionary. Secondly, is Quill a valid Scrabble word? QUILL is a valid scrabble word.. Moreover, what is the meaning of Quil? 1 : a large stiff feather of a bird’s wing or tail. 2 : the hollow tubelike part of a feather. 3 : a hollow sharp spine of a porcupine or hedgehog. 4 : a pen made from a feather.

Hinted from, QUILLS is a valid scrabble word Play with the word quills, 1 definition, 1 anagram, 1 prefix, 0 suffixes, 3 words-in-word, 3 cousins, 1 lipogram, 2 anagrams+one… QUILLS scores 15 points in scrabble.


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