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Is lo a scrabble word

Is lo a scrabble word

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Examples of ‘scrabble’ in a sentence

According to, These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content that does not reflect the opinions or policies of Collins, or its parent company HarperCollins. America is five times our size and they are scrabbling about for a star.

Chasing Storms

According to, This is an AU where IDW Soundwave is IDW Whirl’s sparkling under a different name, Solarstorm. This is also an Civilian AU, Whirl is a Flight Instructor in Polyhex by choice. Whirl needs to prepare his students for the show that they’ll be performing at the Festival of Unity, a week long celebration of the Titans and their love upon which Polyhex is built on. He needs a babysitter for his son, and he asks his friend for some help. Cute hijinks happen. 🙂 Based on conversations with friends, the Cybertronian cities are built upon Titans, and Polyhex lies upon 4 Titans that had formed a Trine together. Their hands are above the ground and intertwined together, where the citizens have built houses between them, without damaging the hands itself. “Yes, yes Darling I know, I know you don’t like solvent in your optics, but I’m afraid if you fight me on it, that can happen.” “Fwee.. beep…beepeep.” “See? It’s not that bad now.” Whirl chuckled as his bitlet finally calmed down enough for him be able to wash off the rest of the solvent off of his tiny helm. Those adorable, large golden optics scrunched up in a fit of defiance, tiny button nose wrinkled in a pout alongside his mouth as he tried to hold his helm away from the stream of water. “There, all done.” Whirl announced after the last bit of solvent was washed off, and he reaches for the towels beside the basinet, wrapping his wriggly little sparkling, only his light gray faceplates and his navy blue helm crest sticking out from the fluff, into a burrito blanket. His spark melts at the content beeps and warbles that he swore sounded like tiny music notes that came from his little Solarstorm. Solar had gotten incredibly dirty when he found the packet of rust dust in the lower cabinets, (that he forgot to sparkling-proof) where he decided to empty it’s entire contents on to himself, and paint the floors and walls with it. Whirl had been cleaning up his room when he heard a very pleased giggling coming from Solar, at which point he knew he was up to something. Lo and behold, he walked into a room with a stranger’s sparkling, considering how rusty red the little one had been, in the middle of a sneezing fit from all the dust. It sounded like a cyberkitten and he’s glad he managed to fish out a datapad to record while it lasted. Has he sits on the edge of his berth, with his sparklet tucked in the crook of his arm and nuzzling him, he is reminded again just how much his life has changed in the last two months since his little Storm had arrived. From having an early emergence, to moving away from the Blade Peaks in the West of Polyhex to the Southeast to Titan Stronghold Residence, to having split with his mate- It…has been a lot to deal with. But, it is something he’d do a million times over again, he was happy here, with his little Storm. And he wasn’t entirely alone, he had his friends he could rely on. He was brought out of his thoughts at a tug on his nasal bridge, blinking suprised, then breaking into a huge grin at the melodic giggle of his sparkling. “Oh I could just eat you up!” He cooed, indeed burying his face into Solar with mock munching noises, which earned him a squealing laughter, and a repeat of tiny servos bapping and trying to push away his face. Vos, at around the same time: “You’re leaving for Polyhex?” Skywarp looked at the door, where his Carrier, a dark, purple, tall and frankly intimidating looking Seeker called Viperwave stood, checking to see if he packed everything. “Yes, I promised to sparklingsit for my good friend, I’ll be back after nightfall, so don’t wait up for me.” Viper walked over to where his kid sat, although he was nearing adulthood and studying law at the academy, two servos reaching out to cup and plant a big kiss on his faceplates. “Have fun at school my spark, try not to blow up our home while I’m gone, okay?” With a teasing wink, and an embarassed exclaim from Skywarp, Viper turned to leave their home, and fly off from their landing pad. He was so looking forward to seening Whirl’s sparkling again, he does hope the little munchkin has managed to grow a bit again, he had been awfully small when he emerged. With a knock on the door, Viperwave stood back as he waited for his friend to answer. He took the time to take a look at Whirl’s new home, one of the many building built between the Titan’s servos, that were still clasped together in a loving hold. It was a bit too close to the ground for his taste, but with a grounder sparkling it did make sense to have somewhere they both could access, not just Whirl. “Viperwave! It’s so wonderful to see you again!” Speaking of Unicron, there he was! The coptermech stepped out with a bright smile, arms coming around to hold the Seekers torso in a tight embrace, his EM- Field layering around Viperwave with appreciation/joy/platonic love/warmth. “Hello sweetspark! It’s been far too long, but somebot was busy.” The Seeker chuckled with a teasing wink, easily swinging his smaller friend around in a joyful hug. The chuckle turned into a laugh at Whirl’s sheepish grin, patting him on the shoulder with his servo as he walked into the mech’s home. “Thank you again Viper for sparkling-sitting Solarstorm, while I go and teach the last rehersal for the Day of Unity. Luckily I managed to get out of having to fly, a different Flight Instructor will take my place, so I’ll be able to enjoy myself with Solar tomorrow.” “Nothing to thank for my dear, you know I would do anything for you, and that includes taking care of Solar whenever, wherever you need me to!” Viperwave settled a servo on Whirl’s shoulder, giving him an affectionate shake before glancing at him in a more serious undertone. “Hear anything from…?” Whirl’s face fell slightly, but he didn’t seem as crestfallen the last time they spoke about the mech. “No. Well, sorry, yes. He… doesn’t feel prepared to care for a sparkling.” “And he couldn’t have told you that before Solar emerged?! Where is he- Do you know? I want to go and teach him a little  lesson-” “Viper!” Whirl moved a servo on the outraged Seekers chassis, golden optics looking at him with a calming sincerity. “He was happy, but I guess once Solar was here, reality hit him. And he is very well permitted to feel however he feels about this, I hold no grudge. I’m fine, really! I’m not alone, after all, I have you and my friends from work.” “Hmph. Fine… But if you ever change your mind, just say the word. Speaking of Solar, where is the little one?” Viper relented at the look in Whirl’s optics, taking the others servo from his chassis, giving it a quick squeeze before letting go and clapping his own together. He wants to see the bitlet, damnit! With a laugh, he walked off into the sparkling’s room, coming out again holding Solarstorm up, who gave a loud, happy trill at seeing Viperwave, small chubby arms making grabbing motions at him. He happily indulges the little mechling, pulling him close and peppering with many kisses on that cute little face. “There is my precious little mechling! You’ve gotten so big!” He cooed at him, reveling in the bright chirps and squeals Solar was beeping in response. He was just too cute for this world. With Solar in his arm, Viper helped Whirl get ready to leave, standing in the doorframe as Whirl looked at the two with unsure optics. “Take care! We’ll be fine!” Viperwave smiled, sensing that the mech really didn’t want to leave his sparkling behind. “Trust me, if I can raise and care for ‘Warp, I can take care of little Solar. Now go, before you’re late.” With a soft smile, Viper gave a teasing wink at the coptermech, earning a nervous but thankful smile in return. He could feels for a short moment a  pulse of Whirl’s EM-Fied warmly washing over with Gratitude/Affection/Trust, then retreat again slowly as he strode forward to transform and fly towards the center of Polyhex. Viper waved after him, with Solarstorm resting secured in his arm, watching the young mech disappear over the rooftops. “Right then-” After closing the door, he set down Solarstorm, who was uncharacteristically quiet. Poor thing had such a sorrowful look on his face with his buttonnose scrunched up in a pout, toddling forward and beeping at the door. “Aw love, I know you miss your Carrier but he’ll be back tonight, I promise!” Viper reached down with his servo to give Solar a gentle pat to comfort the little sparkling. It must be hard having to be alone without Whirl for Solarstorm, considering he was just turning two months old. What could he do to distract him? With a snap, Vaperwave turned his back to Solar for just a second to fish out some paper from the cupboard to draw on. “How about we make- Solar?” He’d only turned around for a few seconds, when he looked back, the little mechling was nowhere to be seen in the room. Where in Primus name had he gone off to?! Viper tried his best to be calm, not instantly resorting to running through Whirl’s home. He checked the lower cupboards, under his cot, in the wash room, every other room twice, hell, he even checked his own cockpit just to be sure. He couldn’t have possible used the door, as he locked it right after Whirl left, and he’d only set down Solar after made sure it was closed. Just as he was thinking if he should start to worry a bit more, he heard it. The quietest rustling from one of the walls next to him. Creeping forward slowly, he pressed his helm against the wall, and sure enough he could hear Solarstorm carefully crawling through the vents. How on Cybertron had the sparkling even managed to figure out how to get in there? It’s starting to dawn on the old Seeker why Whirl calls him his ‘Little Storm.’ How to get him out? That is the next question. It seems he’s pouting and trying to find a way out because Whirl left, so maybe… “Oh! Solar, I think I hear your Carrier returning!” He talked loudly as he walked towards the door, holding his vents and sighing internally in relief as he heard loud beeping and scrabbling, then finally Solar himself wriggling his way from the vents and running as fast as his little legs would take him towards the door. As fast as he could go without startling the little mechling, Viperwave leaped forward with arms outstretched to scoop the sparkling into his hold, snuggling him in relief. “Oh thank Primus!” He holds Solar outstretched a bit, looking at the suprised gasp from the little mechling, yellow optics wide in suprise. “You gave me a real fright! Imagine how sad your Carrier would be if you would have been lost!” He exclaimed, his spinning wildly in his chassis, and then stuttering when Solarstorm’s optics start to well up and go sparkly with the tears forming, a hiccup making his tiny frame jolt. “Oh, oh no, oh I didn’t mean to- I’m sorry little one, sshhhh don’t cry, it’ alright, nobody’s hurt or anything.” Viper gently began swaying using bouncing steps to walk around the living quarter, gently petting over Solar’s small helm as the sparkling buried his crying face into his chassis, beeping rather miserably. The poor dear. He began to hum a tune he made up on the spot, which seemed to calm Solar down after a few minutes, he even started to beep and chirp along to the hum, copying Viper. “There there, we’re all good again… Tell you what, why don’t we have a quick snack, a nap, and then we’ll visit the playground? That sound good?” He offered, giving a playful smile to hopefully cheer up the little bitlet. Based on the warbling hiccuping and the shy smile as he buried his face again into his chassis, nodding slightly, that seemed to do the trick. After he’d settled put the little one to berth for a nap, (He was so tuckered out he fell asleep in his chair, he’s definitely saving that picture to show Whirl when he was back)  Viperwave took the time to sit down after that turbulent time and enjoy some fuel. It turned out much later in the afternoon than expected, Solar sleeping quite soundly, and he figured it’d be best to just let him sleep until he wakes up. Settling Solarstorm down in the sandpit, he sat back in the bench across to watch. Naturally with his datapad ready to snap pictures, of the mechling spotting a cyberhound in the back and watching it, his concenrated scrunch of his small face as he tried his absoloute best to build a sand mountain, a video of his musical laughter as he plaps his servos in the sand and sending kernerls flying everywhere, and many, many more. At some point Solarstorm started bringing over ‘gifts’, as he so assuredly beeped at Viperwave, which where just heaps of sand with a stone on top. Even though the sensation of the sand in his protomesh on his servos wanted to make him scratch and shake it off, he still held them for long as if they were the most precious of gifts. A few times (or rather, often he had to run to retrieve Solarstorm from deciding he wanted to wander off elsewhere, his tiny legs suprisingly fast despite his clumsyness. Evening came in a flash, before Viperwave knew, it the suns were setting, the other sparklings slowly returning home with their respective caretakers. The two of them would wait however, since they’d be meeting Whirl here. Solar spotted him before Viperwave did, the mechling standing up quickly, falling on his aft again only to scrabble up and move to a specific direction, confusing  Viperwave until he heard the rotors in the air, and Whirl landed a few feet away, crouching down with open arms as he greeted his sparkling with a cheerful call, hugging him tightly against his chassis before picking him up to and then moving towards Viperwave. “Thank you a thousand times again Viper! Did you two have a good time?” “Oh yes, we had a lovely time! He was a bit upset that you had to leave, but he eventually decided he’d still have fun.” Viper recalled their time together, smiling fondly at Solar, who was nestled against Whirl’s chassis, beeping quietly in his sleep, helm near to his Carrier’s spark. “Though I can certainly tell he’s got your mischievous side.” He snickered, ellbowing Whirl in the side gently, gaining a cackle from the coptermech. “Oh, I know…He’s a wild little one, but that just makes him that more loveable. By the way, did you want to come for dinner some time, my treat? As a thank you for taking care of my little Solar today- you can bring your son too if you’d like?” The coptermech asked, looking up at the dark Seeker with the exact same shade of golden optics as his sparkling. The Seeker shifted his weight on his other foot, giving a warm smile. “Of course! I wouldn’t miss a free meal for the world- and your company.”

Editions of the word board game Scrabble in different languages have differing letter distributions of the tiles, because the frequency of each letter…

Official Scrabble World Championship site, FISE Scrabble site, FISF Scrabble site, http://www…

Botswana 2001, p. 19 Otlogetswe, Thapelo J (2016). "The Design of Setswana Scrabble". South African Journal of African Languages. 36 (2): 153–161. doi:10.1080/02572117…


According to, Yes, lo is a Scrabble word! …and is worth 2 points in Scrabble, and 3 points in Words with Friends Lo is a valid Scrabble word. See the definition of lo and examples of how lo is used here. Table of Contents Meaning of lo Examples of lo in a sentence Words that can be created with an extra letter added to lo Is Lo a word? Lo meaning

According to, LO is a valid scrabble word The word is a valid scrabble word 3 short excerpts of lo interj. (archaic) look, see, behold (in an imperative sense). lo adj. Informal spelling of low. lo cont. (colloquial) hello (’lo; see hallo). 16 valid words from 3 definitions

According to, Yes, lo is in the scrabble dictionary …and is worth 3 points. find more words you can make below + feedback Sponsored lo Know an interesting fact about the word lo? Let us know 1. Look! see! behold! observe !— used to invoke or direct the particular attention of a person to some object or subject of interest. + improve definition Sponsored

According to, Yes Valid in these dictionaries TWL/NWL (Scrabble US / Canada / Thailand) SOWPODS/CSW (Scrabble UK / International) ENABLE (Words with Friends) Meaning of lo No definition found! Look up here instead. Use this Scrabble® dictionary checker tool to find out whether a word is acceptable in your scrabble dictionary.

According to, Our site is designed to help you descramble the letters of words while playing the Scrabble® word game, Words with Friends®, Chicktionary, Word Jumbles, Text Twist, Super Text Twist, Text Twist 2, Word Whomp, Literati, Wordscraper, Lexulous, Wordfeud and many other word games. Cheating isn’t always a bad thing! in our case it is a learning tool.

According to, The meaning of LO is —used to call attention or to express wonder or surprise. How to use lo in a sentence.

According to, Is Lew a valid Scrabble word? No, lew is not in the scrabble dictionary. What is the full form of Lo? Definition. LO. Little One (child) LO. Left Out. What does Lo mean in Bible? lo and behold What does Lo mean in slang? LO means “Hello”. What does Lo mean in Latin? interjection. Lo!, look!, Here!, come then!, Come!

According to, Scrabble® Word Finder is a simple and easy to use Scrabble solver and helper website 🙂 It helps you find the top scoring words for scrabble, words with friends and other similar word games like Jumble words, Anagrammer, Wordscraper, Wordfeud and so.. In short, the goal of this site is to help you cheat/win in Scrabble® word game, especially if you’re stuck for long and need some external …

According to, Finding a word is easy, just type in the letters you have and click search. The dictionary will then show you all the words that can be formed from your combination of letters. Word Find is the oldest and best word solver to find words with letters. The Finder works for regular Scrabble, as well as for Scrabble Go.

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