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Another word for gorgeous

Another word for gorgeous

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Helen Mirren graces cover of People’s ‘Beautiful Issue’

According to, Helen Mirren graces People magazine’s “The Beautiful Issue” in a cover story that touches on her thoughts of beauty and how the Oscar winner still gets nervous before filming a role. The magazine on Wednesday revealed the cover of the annual issue,

his ring name Gorgeous George. In the United States, during the First Golden Age of Professional Wrestling in the 1940s–1950s, Gorgeous George was one…

(simply removing her glasses and ponytail), instantly making her drop-dead gorgeous. Meanwhile, Janey’s younger brother, Mitch, and his friends Ox and Bruce…

question Whose gorgeous, pink painting is that?, whose is the interrogative, personal, possessive determiner prompting a specification for the possessor…


According to, Some common synonyms of gorgeous are glorious, resplendent, splendid, sublime, and superb. While all these words mean “extraordinarily or transcendently impressive,” gorgeous implies a rich splendor especially in display of color. a gorgeous red dress Where would glorious be a reasonable alternative to gorgeous?

According to, synonyms for gorgeous Compare Synonyms attractive bright brilliant colorful dazzling delightful elegant exquisite glorious good-looking handsome impressive lavish lovely luxurious opulent pleasing ravishing splendid stunning sublime sumptuous superb beaut centerfold dream drop-dead easy on the eyes enjoyable fine flamboyant foxy gaudy glittering

According to, 116 Synonyms for Gorgeous related to Beautiful attractive adj. # lovely handsome adj. # lovely fair adj. # lovely brilliant adj. # superb lovely adj. glorious adj. # superb splendid adj. # superb proud adj. # master magnificent adj. # lovely stunning adj. comely adj. resplendent adj. # lovely bonny adj. # scot ravishing adj. # lovely beauteous adj.

According to, Synonyms for Gorgeous (other words and phrases for Gorgeous). Log in. Synonyms for Gorgeous. 1 203 other terms for gorgeous- words and phrases with similar meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. sentences. thesaurus. words. phrases. idioms. Parts of speech.

According to, GORGEOUS in Thesaurus: 1000+ Synonyms & Antonyms for GORGEOUS Synonyms Similar meaning View all attractive good-looking beautiful lovely magnificent splendid cute stunning handsome delightful ravishing grand charming exquisite dazzling appealing excellent superb wonderful fair marvelous great elegant glorious resplendent Antonyms Opposite meaning

According to, Gorgeous synonyms What is another word for Gorgeous? lovely delightful, attractive beautiful magnificent, splendid splendid delightful, magnificent stunning magnificent, splendid magnificent resplendent, splendid handsome beautiful, good-looking sumptuous resplendent, magnificent superb magnificent, excellent glorious fine

According to, Synonyms & Antonyms for gorgeous Synonyms aesthetic (also esthetic or aesthetical or esthetical), attractive, beauteous, beautiful, bonny (also bonnie) [ chiefly British ], comely, cute, drop-dead, fair, fetching, good, good-looking, goodly, handsome, knockout, likely, lovely, lovesome, pretty, ravishing, seemly, sightly, stunning, taking,

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