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Another word for develop

Another word for develop

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Exploring synonyms and antonyms

According to, You can use a piece of paper to create the table below. If you are struggling you could use a thesaurus or online thesaurus to help you. The first one has been done for you. Synonyms can really …

Microsoft Word is a word processing software developed by Microsoft. It was first released on October 25, 1983, under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems…

three have changed over time and were unclear after 2010. Word processors did not develop out of computer technology. Rather, they evolved from mechanical…

Word2vec is a technique for natural language processing published in 2013. The word2vec algorithm uses a neural network model to learn word associations…


According to, Synonyms for develop include elevate, improve, advance, better, boost, progress, upgrade, enhance, expand and lift. Find more similar words at!

According to, synonyms for develop Compare Synonyms advance establish evolve expand flourish grow progress promote age foster maturate mature mellow ripen thrive enroot grow up See also synonyms for: developed / developing / develops / well-developed antonyms for develop MOST RELEVANT decline decrease halt lessen retreat retrogress stop stunt cease circumscribe

According to, Synonyms for develop acquire, cultivate, form Words Related to develop absorb, adopt, embrace, take in, take on gain, get, obtain achieve, attain, reach foster, nourish, nurture, promote Near Antonyms for develop abandon, desert, forsake cast, discard, ditch, dump, fling (off or away), jettison, junk, reject, scrap, shed, shuck (off), slough

According to, What is another word for develops? Contexts To occur or follow as the consequence of something To explain or demonstrate something To advance or to promote the growth of To produce or bring about … more Verb To occur or follow as the consequence of something results follows ensues arises evolves emerges emanates issues flows occurs

According to, Synonyms for develops acquires, cultivates, forms Words Related to develops absorbs, adopts, embraces, takes in, takes on gains, gets, obtains achieves, attains, reaches fosters, nourishes, nurtures, promotes Near Antonyms for develops abandons, deserts, forsakes casts, discards, ditches, dumps, flings (off or away), jettisons, junks, rejects,

According to, The development of an individual organism or a part of an organism from inception to maturity. Find another word for develop. In this page you can discover 202 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for develop, like: build up, enlarge, expound, grow, refine, elaborate, account for, promote, unwind, unroll and bring out.

According to, Synonyms for developing amplifying, dilating (on or upon), elaborating (on), enlarging (on or upon), expanding, fleshing (out) Words Related to developing adding (to), complementing, supplementing discoursing, expatiating, rambling, running on Near Antonyms for developing compressing, contracting outlining, summarizing, summing up

According to, Synonyms for developed elaborated, evolved, unfolded Words Related to developed advanced, fared, forged, got along, got on, marched, proceeded, progressed blossomed, grew, matured, ripened materialized emerged, played out 2 to come to have gradually the youngster developed a taste for green olives Synonyms for developed acquired, cultivated, formed

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