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Another word for beautiful

Another word for beautiful

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Another Word for Truth

According to, Brian stops in his tracks as his colleague waves at him, as if she had been eagerly awaiting his arrival. This is unusual. Not that Mona dislikes him, but this is far beyond the distracted ‘hullo’ and a wave with a coffee mug (invariably inscribed with a wry pun) he receives on any other day. Anxiety rises in the back of his throat. Has he missed a meeting? A class? Shit, has the coelostat malfunctioned again? “Looking good.” Mona looks him up and down as if she were seeing him for the first time. “Kind of glowy.” He can feel himself colouring as his thoughts return to last night’s antics. “I used a moisturising mask,” he mumbles. It’s not a lie, after all. If she finds his newfound beauty regimen odd, she doesn’t comment on it. Instead, she takes his arm and drags him toward the department head’s office. “His magnificence has got news for you,” she whispers and raises her eyebrows meaningfully. That really doesn’t sound like a good thing. But then, he gets along well with Mona, so she wouldn’t be grinning like that if he was about to face the reckoning for some terrible, irreparable mistake he’s made. Or would she? He’s not exactly the best at reading faces, so- “Ah, good morning!” Andrew exclaims. Brian can’t detect even a hint of sarcasm in his voice, despite the fact that eleven has come and gone. Erratic working hours are considered par for the course among astronomers. The man who is essential for Brian’s career prospects indicates the chair opposite his impressive desk. “Sit down, son.” Brian sinks into the indicated chair, still feeling a bit apprehensive. Mona has come to stand in the doorway, a barely suppressed grin on her face, and two other colleagues are peering over her shoulder expectantly. What on earth is going on? Oh god, they haven’t conspired to put him in charge of another lab party, have they? Before Brian can get into a proper panic at the dreadful prospect, Andrew is leaning forwards. His expression is grim and serious. “We’ve had a call this morning.” Everything he has ever done wrong in his life courses through Brian’s head. Even things he thought wrong. “Come on, Andrew, don’t draw it out,” Mona implores. For the love of God, please, don’t let it have been Roger. Not that he has any clue why Roger would end up calling his boss. Andrew gives Mona a half-pained, half-indulgent smile. “Yes, yes.” He sighs deeply. “We’ve had a call from the BBC Radio One. They want an interview.” “An interview?” “Yes, regarding our work on the Zodiacal light.” “What, now?” Brian looks around the room for any reporters who might be about to descend on him. “Don’t worry, Bri, no one’s lurking in the cupboard, waiting to cross-examine your statistical methods.” Mona raises an eyebrow. “Which is my job anyway.” “I’ve been given to understand they have some sort of… layman’s science segment.” Andrew clears his throat, in case his dislike for this new craze for popular outreach wasn’t clear enough yet. “They said they’d call back later to clear all the details with you.” Andrew waves his hand back and forth as if trying to get the whole unappetizing business over and done with as quickly as possible. “Now, as for our paper, have you started including the data of the latest series of measurements yet? I-“ “Excuse me, sir, but. An interview?” Andrew blinks at him a couple of times, as if he had already put that entire affair out of his mind the moment he delegated it to Brian. “Yes.” “With the BBC?” “That’s what I said.” “But. Would you want to… I mean, surely you’d be much better suited to…” “I’d rather sit on a burning porcupine.” Silence falls for a couple of seconds as they all contemplate that. Brian clears his throat. “Right.” Andrew bestows a smile upon him. “You’ll do just fine, son. Much better suited to that kind of thing, a young lad like you. Now, about our paper…” Freddie waltzes into the café, almost on time – only to find it devoid of the tall head of curls he is looking for. With a huff, he finds himself a spot in the corner. When Brian called him this morning to ask if he wanted to get coffee later, he knew something had happened. The problem was, no matter how much he tried to get Brian to explain it, to get as much as a hint out of him, the man stubbornly kept his mouth shut and insisted he really had to get to work and that he would explain it all later. It was cruel. Cruel and unusual punishment, this was, because it meant that Freddie spent the rest of the day imagining all sorts of scenarios, ranging from sad and pitiful break-ups to marriage proposals to still others that filled him with red-hot burning jealousy and somehow also put him in a state of permanent semi-arousal. It was all very confusing and distracting and, moreover, completely unfair. Thus, when Brian’s lanky form finally appears at the door of the café – five minutes late! – the primary emotion Freddie feels is anger. “You’re late,” he snaps. Brian raises his hands apologetically and slides into the chair opposite him. “What have you done to your hair?” It looks a mess, as if Brian had spent most of the day wrecking it with his fingers. “My hair?” Brian blinks at Freddie with a puzzled expression, as if he were only now becoming aware of the fact that there is a mass of curly stuff sprouting from his scalp. “Yes, your…” Freddie sighs and leans back in his chair. It’s no fun being cross with someone if they look at you like a confused puppy. “What is the matter with you?” Brian rubs a hand over the bridge of his nose. “It’s been a weird day. And night.” He looks up at Freddie with a weak smile. “A weird week, really.” Freddie scoffs. “You don’t say.” “Yeah.” Freddie raises his eyebrows expectantly, but Brian just seems to sink back into his own thoughts, without telling him what the fuck happened! “So?!” “Ah.” Brian takes a moment to collect his thoughts. A long moment. “Well, see – Oh, hello.” Freddie has never come this close to throttling a waitress before. A perfectly competent and nice one, that is. So competent and nice, she explains the finer details of their green tea options to Brian, who asks her all sorts of questions in return, until Freddie is sure that if this conversation goes on even a second longer, he will explode. “Coffee,” he barks when she turns to him. The last thing he needs is a continuation of the tea exposé. She gets into position to list off the coffee options. “Right, we’ve got-” “Just a normal cup of coffee!” She seems to consider asking him about milk and sugar, but quickly thinks better and walks away. She’s that good. Crap. He doesn’t even like coffee. “Are you alright?” When Freddie looks up at Brian, he finds his face soft and his eyebrows creased with worry. It makes him want to bang his head onto the table. His own or Brian’s he’s not entirely sure. “Brian. Please, can you just tell me what happened? Before I die of old age?” “Happened? Oh, yes.” “Anytime before the end of the century would be swell…” “We, er. We talked. On the phone. Me and Roger,” he adds, as if Freddie couldn’t have guessed. “And?” “We talked for quite a long time. It was… interesting.” “Did. You. Tell. Him?” Brian grimaces and clears his throat. “I didn’t quite, er, get to that part.” “Oh, for fuck’s sake.” Freddie turns his gaze upwards for heavenly support. How is he supposed to deal with this kind of amorous incompetence? “It’s not that simple, steering the conversation in that direction,” Brian defends himself. “Did you even try?” Brian looks sheepish. “I kind of… forgot.” They’re interrupted by the serving of their beverages. Freddie immediately pushes his cup of the horrible brew aside. “You forgot.” “It’s difficult to concentrate when I’m talking to him, he’s so…” Brian’s face takes on a dreamy expression that Freddie finds both hard to bear and impossible to look away from. “…so hypnotic almost.” “What did you talk about, then?” “Oh, you know. Music, and cats, and… natural philosophy.” “Natural philosophy,” Freddie repeats. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. They’re both clever, Brian and Roger, much cleverer than him. They’re a great match. Good for them. “Yes.” Then Brian is very busy taking a sip of his special green tea. Freddie’s eyes narrow as he observes him closely. There’s no reason for anyone to look so flustered over philosophy, is there? “Just philosophy?” His suspicion is confirmed when Brian colours to a deep shade of red. “Oh my god,” Freddie exclaims. “Have you been naughty? You have, haven’t you?” he crows. “Shush, Freddie.” Brian is looking over his shoulder to see if anyone is listening in. Freddie pays him no mind. He reaches over the table and grips Brian’s hand. “Tell me everything!” Brian stares at their joined hands with a bewildered expression. “I will certainly not!” Freddie’s eyes grow wide. “That naughty? Oh, I’m so jealous!” And he is jealous, ragingly so, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel as bad as it did before. Must have something to do with the image of Brian wanking while moaning into a phone, and Roger talking dirty at the other end of the line. “What did you do? What did he say?” “That is absolutely none of your business!” Brian is laughing now, as if he can’t believe Freddie’s nosiness. It’s infectious. “I bet he’s great at it,” Freddie says, not hiding the wide grin on his face. “He likes to talk, and with an entire arsenal of dirty mags and toys at his disposal…” Brian almost chokes on a sip of tea at that. “Brian!” Freddie gasps. “You dog, did you…” “Freddie,” Brian hisses, “Shut up!” Freddie leans forward, ready for the kill. “Tell me then.” “This is really not…” Brian rolls his eyes and takes a deep breath. “It was good, alright? And yes, he is great at it. No surprise there.” “And you tried the toy? It’s fabulous, isn’t it?” Freddie feels giddy talking about this with Brian. “Really hits that sweet spot…” He raises his eyebrows, inviting Brian to spill his sexy secrets. Brian gapes at him for a second or two. Then he swallows hard and looks down, studying his tea. “Several spots,” he mumbles. Freddie claps a hand over his mouth to contain his overexcited giggle. His trousers are starting to feel extra tight as he imagines Brian pleasuring himself with that vibrator. “But it was… It felt good, you know, truly wonderful. But it was more than that. There was a real connection, too. It wasn’t just sex.” Just like that, the pang in his chest returns. “That’s wonderful,” he says, and looks down at his fingers. It is wonderful. His efforts at playing Cupid are paying off. Shouldn’t he be ecstatic? Then another thought occurs to him. “Was that your first time? With a man?” “Yes, I suppose it was.” Freddie smiles. “Well. No safer way than that.” “Oh. Oh gosh.” Brian’s eyes grow wide. “I hadn’t even…” Dear God, how can this mixture of brilliance and utter naivité exist in the same person. Doesn’t that violate some law of nature? “I shall send you some instructional pamphlets,” he drawls. “No, it’s alright, I know about… that. HIV, I mean.” “I really don’t care if you’re stupid about anything else,” Freddie says. “But for fuck’s sake, don’t be stupid about that. It can go wrong so quickly.” “Freddie.” Brian reaches out, then hesitates and puts his hand on the table instead, as if he were unsure whether it’s welcome. “Are you…” Freddie shrugs, then shakes his head. He’s fine, but then Kenny had been fine too – until he wasn’t. Just like Rajiv. And Peter, who barely took anyone in the first place, and what good had that done him? Freddie knows all the rules, but there are times when the rules fade into the background because feelings, and cravings, and other things take over, and then all you can do is pray that Lady Luck has been on your side that one more time. “I’m okay,” he assures Brian, and covers his hand with his own. “But I’m fucking tired of hospital visits and funerals. So don’t be an idiot.” “I’m sorry.” Brian turns his palm upwards and squeezes Freddie’s hand. “It’s all so unfair.” Talk about the understatement of the century. “Is that why you haven’t explored the scene sooner?” “Not sure if that’s how I’d describe what I’m doing at the moment.” “I’m not sure that there is a way to describe what you’re doing.” “It is a bit ridiculous, isn’t it?” Brian smiles almost apologetically at him and runs his thumb over the side of Freddie’s hand. It feels so marvellous, Freddie almost misses it when Brian answers his question. “I’m just not the type to chat people up in clubs, you know? I met Chrissie after a concert, and we got on well, and that was that. I didn’t miss anything. After things ended with her, I just needed to be alone for a while.” His fingers tighten around Freddie’s hand and he looks up at him. “I hated being alone.” Even if he could, there is no way Freddie would ever get between him and Roger. Not after he’s seen this quiet anguish in Brian’s eyes. “Let’s make sure you won’t be any longer, then.” He gives Brian’s hand an encouraging squeeze and then reaches for his cup. He grimaces as the lukewarm, bitter brew assaults his tongue – he completely forgot that he didn’t order tea for some stupid reason. “What happened after the horizontal hula?” Brian’s face contorts into a painful grimace. “He came over.” It can’t be. It’s impossible. If Brian pulled that off, he is either deserving of every acting Oscar for the next hundred years, or Roger must be the reincarnation of Mr Osgood. Possibly both. “I didn’t let him in. I put on a face mask and talked to him from the window in a sort of street theatre performance to the enjoyment of my neighbours.” He sighs. “Because my life isn’t ridiculous enough already.” Ah. Now that sounds like the sort of nuttery Brian would come up with. His equilibrium somewhat restored, Freddie raises one eyebrow. “I meant to say, your complexion looks marvellous, dear.” Brian groans. “I promised to call him again tonight. And he’ll expect to meet up soon. I mean, there are only so many excuses I can come up with until he realises they’re just that: Excuses. I want to see him again, of course I do, but if I see him, I have to tell him, and I just don’t know how.” He buries his face in his hands. “Oh god, I sound like a teenage girl!” “We’re into men.” Freddie nods sagely. “It comes with the territory.” “And as if that weren’t enough, I’ve got an interview coming up on Wednesday and I’m already so stressed out about that.” “A job interview?” “No, a radio interview. A live interview about my work. With the bloody BBC!” Freddie ignores the pang of envy shooting through him. Now Brian is going to be famous too… “But that’s fabulous, darling. Congratulations!” “It will be a complete mess!” “They’re professionals, you’ll be in good hands. I probably won’t understand more than the hello and goodbye parts, but I promise I will listen to every single…” He trails off as the epiphany hits. “Oh. Oh, this is brilliant!” “It’s not brilliant,” Brian gripes. “I’m a physicist, not a radio presenter.” “No, not that!” Freddie waves him off. “But that’s how you’ll tell him!” “Over the radio?!” Brian’s voice is so shrill the cups clatter in their saucers. “No, silly.” Freddie presses his palms together, spell-bound by the cleverness of his plan. “I’ll go to Roger’s house and turn on the radio.” Freddie grins widely and uses the opportunity to steal Brian’s tea. He has barely drunk any of it anyway. “Oh god.” “Don’t worry about it, darling.” He savours the light, floral aroma of the – truly excellent – tea. “It will work like a charm.” Three days later, Freddie is not so sure that his plan is, in fact, all that brilliant. It had appeared to him like that at the time, and the more sceptical Brian acted about it, the more confident Freddie had become. But now that he’s standing in front of Roger’s workshop, waiting for the door to open, it’s another matter. He has no idea how Roger is going to react. If he even notices – after all, who ever really listens to the radio? And if he does notice, he might think Freddie is pranking him on purpose. He might get angry. Really angry. Freddie takes a deep breath and tugs a stray curl of his hair back in place. Typical of him, isn’t it? Agreeing to clean up a mess that Brian put him in – while Brian gets to play the star. But he had looked so desperate as he sat across Freddie that he couldn’t do anything but try and find a way to help him. It’s annoying, how he can feel one thing so strongly in the moment that all other considerations don’t even seem to exist any longer. He is not too proud to admit that if it weren’t for Brian, he’d have set his eyes on Roger, no doubt about it. Hello, a good-looking entrepreneur (broke, yes, but surely that’s just temporary) with his own toy supply? Who is funny and witty and – from the little he could pry out of Brian – one hell of a dirty talker? Who held his face so tenderly after he got electrocuted? He tears himself out of his longing. It’s not because of him, not really. Roger might like what he sees, but the way his eyes lit up when he talked about Brian’s beautiful brain… Freddie couldn’t stand being loved for something he’s not. He doesn’t find it hard to put on an act – in fact he finds it so easy that sometimes he’s not sure where the act even begins – but he needs a lover to see behind the act and stay for that. Not for a science genius that isn’t there. It’s for his own good, he tells himself. If Brian and Roger hit it off, he doesn’t have to pine for either of them any longer. It’s way too early for him to get into a new relationship anyway, all his magazines say so. Not that this has ever stopped him before – but what good did that do him? From one dumpster fire into the next, as Kash had so succinctly put it once. No. This is going to end today. He’ll get this over with, and then he’ll slink home and lick his wounds and stay away from both men for a good long while. The door opens, and Freddie barely has time to take in the wide grin that is nearly splitting Roger’s face in half before he is pulled into an irresistible hug. Roger smells of cigarettes and coffee and faintly of aftershave and he is wearing the softest cashmere jumper. “Brian,” Roger breathes as his warmth engulfs Freddie. Fuck, he is so fucking fucked. Mr Osgood is the famously clueless (or is he?) millionaire who proposes to Daphne/Jerry at the end of “Some Like It Hot”.

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