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Is pez a scrabble word

Is pez a scrabble word

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Examples of ‘scrabble’ in a sentence

According to, These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content that does not reflect the opinions or policies of Collins, or its parent company HarperCollins. America is five times our size and they are scrabbling about for a star.

1990s, Hasbro holds the rights to create action figures based on the saga. Pez dispensers began to be produced in 1997. Star Wars was the first intellectual…


According to, Not a valid word. Meaning of pez No definition found! Look up here instead. Use this Scrabble® dictionary checker tool to find out whether a word is acceptable in your scrabble dictionary. When you enter a word and click on Check Dictionary button, it simply tells you whether it’s valid or not, and list out the dictionaries in case of valid word.

According to, No, pez is not in the scrabble dictionary …but would be worth 14 points. find more words you can make below + feedback Sponsored pez Know an interesting fact about the word pez? Let us know + improve definition

According to, word with pez, contains pez, Pez definition, definition for Pez, definition of pez, Anagrams of pez. Word Lists; Hook Words; Bingo Stems; Game; Word Finder. Starts with Ends with Contains. Enter a word to see if it’s playable (up to 15 letters). … The perfect dictionary for playing SCRABBLE …

According to, Pez (trademarked PEZ in capitals) is the brand name of an Austrian candy and associated mechanical candy dispensers. The candy is a pressed, dry, straight-edged, curved-corner block (15 mm (5/8 inch) long, 8 mm (5/16 inch) wide, and 5 mm (3/16 inch) high), with Pez dispensers holding 12 Pez pieces. * Pez was invented in Austria, and later …

According to, PEZ is not a valid scrabble word The word is not a valid scrabble word 2 short excerpts of Pez prop.n. (Canada, US) A kind of candy in the form of small blocks that is sold in small plastic dispensers. (In Portuguese) pez s. substância resinosa extraída do pinheiro. 16 valid words from 2 definitions

According to, Get Scrabble Help for ‘PEZ’ using Scrabble word builder,find Scrabble words, Words with Friends words and definitions. Find high scoring plays in Scrabble, Words with Friends, Lexulous, Literati, and Word Feud. Find answers to other word games like Word Jumbles and Text Twist too.

According to, words that start with pez, words starting with pez, words that begin with pez, words beginning with pez. Words that start with pez | Words starting with pez. … Found 23 words that start with pez. Check our Scrabble Word Finder, Wordle solver, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, …

According to, All 3 letters words made out of pez Note: these ‘words’ (valid or invalid) are all the permutations of the word pez. These words are obtained by scrambling the letters in pez.

According to, Our Word Scramble Generator will help you quickly scramble words like PEZ for your word scramble game, word search, crossword, etc. You can choose how many results and what the scrambled word should start with and/or end with. You can now create a printable word scramble . Creating your own word scramble game has never been easier!

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