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Wordle word today

Wordle word today

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Today’s Wordle answer #328: Friday, May 13

According to, Maybe your day’s already as lucky as can be, and you’ve just popped in to browse our Wordle archive instead? Whatever the reason for your click, I’m here to help. I can give you a

Wordle 328 word of the day, May 13. If you are drunk, you might feel a little…

According to, Were you able to solve Wordle 328? In case you haven’t, we have got you covered. Check out Wordle 328 answer here.

Wordle is a web-based word game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle, and owned and published by The New York Times Company since…

the best starting word on the game Wordle was CRANE. Later on, he stated that the code he wrote to determine the best starting word had a bug in it. In…

Wordle, the ultra-popular online word game". Washington Post. ISSN 0190-8286. Retrieved April 26, 2022. Gartenberg, Chaim (January 31, 2022). "Wordle


According to, Wordle is a simple word-guessing game that tasks players with solving a five-word puzzle using letter position clues.Wordle presents the player with four rows of five empty boxes. Simply enter a random five-letter word and the website highlights certain letters green if they are correct, yellow if they are correct but in the wrong spot, or grey if they are not in the word at all.

According to, Wordle Answers Today is the best site for the answers to every single Wordle puzzle, including today, tomorrow and yesterday. You can find answers to all of the past Wordle puzzles, starting with the very first Wordle. We also have all the answers to future puzzles. They are all here on the our site.

According to, Give me the dang word! Wordle of The Day: Reveal

According to, What is the wordle today? List with all available wordle for may from ny times wordle today: wordle may 1 is FORGO in 318 answer. wordle may 2 is STORY in 319 answer. wordle may 3 is HAIRY in 320 answer. wordle may 4 is TRAIN in 321 answer. wordle may 5 is HOMER in 322 answer.

According to, Here’s today’s Wordle #327 solution plus a helpful hint. NurPhoto via Getty Images. Here we are again—another Thursday, another Wordle to solve. The viral word-puzzle game that the New York …

According to, The more you use our solver, the faster you’ll learn to be a master Wordle word finder. If you ever want to skip ahead, we’ve got today’s Wordle answer ready for you too, plus an archive of all past Wordle answers. What Is Wordle? Wordle is a daily online word game that challenges players to find five-letter words in no more than six …

According to, Here’s today’s Wordle #299 solution plus a helpful hint. My how time flies. Today we find ourselves just one entry away from the 300th Wordle—an auspicious occasion that we should definitely …

According to, In wordle you have to guess a 5 letter word, “the hidden word”. There are versions of this game in which you have to guess 6 letter words or even 7 letters words, but the most popular is the 5 letter word game. You have to guess the word in 6 tries. So basically you begin by typing a word, it has to be a real word found on the dictionary.

According to, It’s Saturday morning and today’s Wordle is new yet again. If you just want today’s answer, scroll to the bottom. But here’s a little more on Wordle if you’re (somehow) new to the game: It’s a …

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