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How to use midst in a sentence. the interior or central part or point : middle; a position of proximity to the members of a group; the condition of being surrounded or beset… See the full definition –

midst ( mɪdst) n 1. in the midst of surrounded or enveloped by; at a point during, esp a climactic one 2. in our midst among us 3. archaic the centre [C14: back formation from amiddes amid] midst ( mɪdst) prep poetic See amid –

midst noun us / mɪdst / fml middle: Long Beach is in the midst of a revival. The pear tree stood in the midst of a rainbow of flowers. (Definition of midst from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Examples of midst midst –

1 an area or point that is an equal distance from all points along an edge or outer surface stood in the midst of the crowd Synonyms for midst center, core, middle, midpoint Words Related to midst inside, interior Antonyms for midst perimeter, periphery 2 the most intense or characteristic phase of something in the midst of illustrating a new book –

midst 1 [ midst ] See synonyms for midst on 🍎 Elementary Level noun Usually the midst . the position of anything surrounded by other things or parts, or occurring in the middle of a period of time, course of action, etc.: a familiar face in the midst of the crowd; in the midst of the performance. –

See definition of midst on noun middle, core synonyms for midst Compare Synonyms bosom center deep depths heart hub interior mean medium midpoint nucleus thick betwixt and between halfway antonyms for midst MOST RELEVANT exterior exteriority outside periphery –

Define in the midst. in the midst synonyms, in the midst pronunciation, in the midst translation, English dictionary definition of in the midst. Adv. 1. in the midst – the middle or central part or point; “in the midst of the forest”; “could he walk out in the midst of his piece?” midmost

Amidst all these calamities our provisions failed us; we had little hopes of a supply, for we found neither villages, houses, nor any trace of a human creature; and had miserably perished by thirst and hunger had we not met with some fishermen’s boats, who exchanged their fish for tobacco.

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